Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The color code

I have been getting ready for the baby to come and started my deep cleaning of the house.  I was going through old books and saw the color code from a psych class I took.  I decided to take the test again and see if I was any different than I used to be....I am.  It is amazing how much being a mom and wife has changed me.  I was telling Mike about it and he decided to take it too.  Before he took it he said that he didn't believe any of it.  After we started reading a little about our colors he decided that most of it was true.  We were laughing so hard at some of the things it said about each of our colors and how they interact together.  It was funny that it helped us both realize things that we could do to help each other out that we never did before.  Mike is so yellow and I am mostly blue.  As the book said it is true that opposites attract and I guess we are proof of that.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We're in for it!

Tonight we realized just how hard it will be for Emerson to have a new baby around. Tonight we went to Dan & Linsey's house to make dinner for them because Lins just had a baby on Thursday. I picked up their new baby so Linsey could finish eating. As soon as Emerson saw me holding a baby he started crying so hard and wouldn't stop. He was so upset and looked at me like I had completely betrayed him. He started walking towards the door so I followed him over to try and show him the baby and reason with him a little....not going to happen. He was so upset, Mike tried to pick him up and hold him but he was still not happy. As soon as I gave the baby back he was okay. He was playing with his friend Rayce but everytime I walked in the same room as the baby he would freak out again. I think he was a litte worried that I would pick her up again. I know he will adjust to having a baby in our family but we are in for a wild ride until he does. Good luck to us!