Tuesday, May 3, 2011

disneyland 2011

Disneyland was so much fun this year! We made a sort of last minute decision to go and it was the best time we've had yet. This year we got a 3 day military park hopper pass for $98 a person. It was an amazing deal! I was so happy that my mom, dad and Ry could come down and extra happy that Lyss, Jus, and Ez could come too. I miss these people so much!

Alyssa and Justin drove down to Cali and had quite the adventure, to say the least. Between a ticket, new tires and rims, taking Ez to the ER their trip ended up being a lot more expensive. I am so thankful they came anyway, we loved having them there!

Emersons favorite ride was driving these cars. He also thought it was pretty cool meeting Mickey Mouse (even though he was terrified at first)!

I loved seeing all the boys together. Madden was all about Ezra but Ezra wasn't so sure about him (he might have felt a little smothered:) But they were still sweet together. Poor Ez was sooo sick for most of the trip.

The boys were so excited to see Lightning McQueen and Mater, Emers is so excited for the new cars movie! California Adventure is opening up cars rides later on this year, guess we might have to go back:)

We celebrated Madden's 2nd birthday at Disneyland. We had him open presents and he got to wear a button so that people in the park would wish him Happy Birthday. We love you baby guy!

Because we had 3 days there we would usually go to the park in the morning and take a few hours off in the afternoon and go back at night. It was so nice although next time I go, it will not be when Utah has spring break, it was way too crowded!

Our last day we made a stop at the beach. It was freezing cold but Madden got a kite for his birthday and we wanted to try it out. Kites work great on the beach with all that wind:)

It was a great vacation!