Thursday, July 28, 2011

one down

i am so EXCITED to say that my first semester back to school is finished! i couldn't be happier about it. i have LOVED being in school this semester. going back to school at an older age has made me appreciate LEARNING and i have loved it. i was so nervous to go back (it is a little over 8 years since my last college semester) and i wasn't sure i could do it.

now, i will take a few weeks off and start another.

update on the rest of us:
mike: started his final year of dental school a couple months ago, i can't believe it! our time in az has flown by! he just started studying for the boards part 2 which he will take in nov or dec. we are also working on our air force application for the residency program for next year. we should know in october if we got it and where we will be EXCITING:)

emerson: this cute little boy is turning 4 on sunday. i can't believe how fast it goes. he is bored to death and we are all looking forward to having the summer over with! he likes to spend his time writing letters on everything....himself, walls, sidewalk, paper....anywhere. he also loves playing batman legos on the "xbox free."

madden: madden is 2. he has the funniest personality. he is a partier. he sleeps less than his older brother and if he can even sense something fun is going on he will stay awake at all costs. he loves going places and wrestling his dad who he still calls "mike" and his "bro-der." he is a very aggressive boy that i just want to kiss all day cause of his killer dimples.