Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another fun adventure!

So, Monday night Mike got a call from a friend in Utah asking when we were coming back because they needed another soccer player for the new season. Mike asked them when they were starting and he said tomorrow (they had a game at 11:30 pm)! Of course Mike said "I'll be there". We had just barely finished moving into our new house (we started the move on Friday) and packed up our bags Monday at 10:30 pm so we could drive to Utah and make it to the soccer game the next day.

At 7:30 am Mike had the car loaded and was going to drop off some trash at our friends house, (thanks Erick and Mandy) because we don't have a garbage can yet. As he was backing out he ran the car into our house! Luckily nothing happened to the house (except a little black paint) but our car is scratched pretty bad in the back. So, we left a few minutes later and I had kicked Mike out of the drivers seat because of the incident. We were on our way to my Dr. appointment and I pulled off the freeway and got to a stoplight that said "no turn on red." I was in a hurry so I stopped but went anyway and got pulled over...the cop was really nice about it and let me off with a warning and just told me to go get my drivers license in Arizona. So, we went to the doctor and ran a couple other errands and made our way out to Utah.

As we were driving up I got a voicemail from a lady in our new ward who had brought us dinner the night before. I realized after listening to her message that we had dropped off her dishes to a different family in the ward who had brought us dinner on Sunday night! I felt so stupid and had to call her back to explain what we did and since we were already half way to Utah I couldn't even go back and get it to her. A few minutes after I talked to her, Mike got pulled over for speeding and got a ticket. This is now his 3rd speeding ticket in less than a month!

The only good thing that happened on the way up to Utah is that the boys were such angels in the car! Madden slept most of the time and Emerson was so good and hardly watched movies. He just looked out the windows and pointed at every single car that we passed. We are finally here in Utah and hopefully we can stay away from getting pulled over for a little while. Now you can probably see what I meant in my last post that we like to keep life interesting!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Need a good laugh?

So this morning we got ready to take Mike to school. He had class at 9 am so we walked out the door at 8:30. When Mike tried to unlock the car the keyless entry would not work. We immediately knew it was the battery because it has been needing to be replaced for a while. We had no neighbors around to jump us so I thought I will run (yes literally) over to Walmart and buy a battery and Mike can stay home with the boys and take the old one out while I am gone. Walmart is about 1 mile from our house so I took off running and it was close to 90 degrees already. The run was really hard because last night Mike put me through a good work out and my legs and arms were so tired!

I made it to Walmart and bought the battery but I didn't realize how heavy it was. There was no way I was going to be able to carry that back home by myself. I looked around and found a cooler with wheels and loaded the battery inside. Meanwhile, Mike is at home taking the battery out of the car. Emerson is sitting in the jogging stroller watching him. Emerson had his sandals sitting next to him in the stroller but not on his feet. After Mike got the battery out, about 5 minutes later, he looked over and Emerson was gone. He looked all around the garage and around the car but he wasn't there. He went in the house and looked all over and called his name and he didn't answer. He ran outside and ran down the driveway area, turned the corner and saw Emerson halfway down the road. Some lady had pulled over and was trying to talk to him but he could have cared less. He had put his shoes on by himself and ran down the road kicking rocks.

So, Mike called me and told me this story as I am pulling a cooler at 9 in the morning down a busy road. I am crossing this busy intersection and I hear a "Sister Hall" being yelled from a car. I turn around and it is a lady in my ward asking me if I needed a ride. I felt so dumb and told her I was okay because I was almost home. As soon as I get to the other side of the street a friend from my ward pulled over and asked if I wanted a ride. My arms were killing me and so I said yes to her. It was such a wild morning and so funny! So, if any of you are in need of a good laugh just picture me pulling a cooler in my sweats in 90 degree weather down a busy was pretty entertaining for all those driving by I am sure!

Thanks Jamie for the ride home and for dinner last night, you are the best!