Monday, October 6, 2008

Tagged: 8 Things

So I guess this is what I am supposed to do....Thanks for your help Meg I am still a little new to the blogging world!

8 Favorite TV shows:
1: Design Star
2: Law & Order (SVU, CI or the normal, I love them all)
3: The Office
4: Project Runway
5: Divine Design
6: House Hunters
7: Oprah
8: Gray's Anatomy

8 Favorite Restraunts
1: Cafe Rio
2: Olive Garden
3: Chick Fil A
4: Chilis
5: Macaroni Grill
6: Outback Stakehouse
7: Tepanyaki
8: Goodwood BBQ

8 things that happened yesterday
1: Took Naps (yes more than's sunday & I'm pregnant)
2: Watched conference
3: Played at Linseys house with her 2 cute kids
4: Took Mike to Priesthood
5: Went to Outback for dinner
6: Bought Emerson a Batman costume for Halloween
7: Talked to my family on the phone
8: Enjoyed the first "cool" day in Arizona since we have been here, 84 degrees!!!

8 things to look forward to
1: Finishing school someday
2: Mike being done with dental school
3: Going home for Thanksgiving for 2 weeks
4: Having my family come here next week
5: Finding out the sex of our new baby
6: Owning my own house again
7: Not being pregnant anymore
8: Going to Italy again for the temple dedication, whenever that will happen.

8 things I love about fall
1: Leaves
2: Colors
3: Clean, nice air
4: Holidays
5: Temperatures (especially in Arizona)
6: Christmas is around the corner
7: Drives up Hobble Creek Canyon
8: Did I mention colors? I love fall colors!

8 things on my wish list:
1: Finish a bachelor's degree
2: Get a new car
3: Mike getting an Air Force Scholarship, no more dental school debt!
4: Eat better, feel healthier
5: My own house
6: Go on a medeterranian cruise
7: Have my kids grow up happy
8: Get heavily involved in good causes, I want to be a philanthropist one day!

8 people I'm tagging
1. Lyssie Loo
2. Kelsey
3. Staci
4. Logan
5. Anyone
6. Else
7. That
8. Wants to!


ed and brooke said...

Cafe Rio is one of my favorite places to eat as well. I can't believe they only have one... and it's in Gilbert...

Steve, Brie, Carson, & Landon said...

Hey, I love your blog. Along with you and Brooke, Cafe Rio is also one of my favorite places. I was so bummed to see they only have one. We should make the trek out there. Let's definitely hang out sometime. Or if you ever need a nap (I totally understand) I would be happy to take Emerson.