Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am thankful


Lately I am so thankful for strawberry milk!  Emerson is back on a "I would rather not eat anything at all kick"!

At least this time he is drinking lots of strawberry milk and getting some nutrition.  Last time he just wanted water.

I will never understand why this boy is not interested in eating....isn't this a problem an adult would like to have?!


Rachel said...

Yeah, I would like that problem. If you could maybe figure out his secret and pass it on that would be great!! Hannah is obsessed with Strawberry milk also! So I hear ya!!

Angie said...

Yea I would take that problem for sure. I am glad that he has found something that he will have. I need to try strawberry milk...never have before.

Kylie Blackwell said...

I know how you feel! For Irey she will pick ONE thing that she will eat (Cottage Cheese, Lucky Charms, Eggs, Mac & Cheese, etc.) and hardly touch anything else. My Doc says it's normal and the "GOLDEN RULE" is to always remember that they wont starve themselves. But when Irey gets on kicks like that I wont give her ANY snacks, that might be mean, but I swear it makes her eat her more healthy meals instead of just a bit here and there!

Kelsey and Riley said...

haha thats kinda funny that all he wants is strawberry milk. you'd think it'd at least be chocolate! what a cutie. glad he's eating something rather than just water though! i wish i had that problem.... lol

ShawnandHayleySandberg said...

Hi Val! Just wanted to say how adorable your family is! Bet you love Arizona and your yard & house looks so nice! Anyway...I love blogs & being able to keep in touch! Glad things are going good!