Saturday, September 4, 2010

A few reasons to miss utah

Mike was lucky enough to have a short break at the end of August so we took advantage and went back home to visit.  
Before we moved to AZ, Emerson loved mowing the lawn with Boppa.  He got to do it a couple times while we were there, I am pretty sure Boppa loves it more than Emers:)  It is special time for the 2 of them!
I miss green, lush plants and trees.  This is my parents backyard and I miss all the fun we have out here.  Not only is it BEAUTIFUL, it is fun!
Baby Katelyn and Boppa.  Katelyn was born at the beginning of August, she is our first niece so we had to go see her!

Me and Katelyn.  I loved holding her and the boys loved kissing her.  She is a cutie!

Madden and Ezra.  They were so cute together.  Madden liked to feed EZ anything he was eating.  Right here he was feeding him an apple.  I think Ezra liked having him around....until Madden started getting possessive of toys Ezra would play with.  I can't wait for Christmas with these kiddos.  It will be so fun!

The last highlight of our trip was going to get Mani/Pedi's & lunch with my mom and sisters.  I love those girls so much and can't wait till we do it again.  The best part was how much my mom loved and enjoyed her very first pedicure!!


Staci said...

Aww, we miss you guys!! I'm so thankful that you were willing and able to come visit, it was so nice to have you here! It was also really nice to get away with just us girls and do girlie things together - great idea! I hope we see you before Christmas, we'll see what happens. Either way though, we'll see you at Christmas-time and it will be so fun!! Love you guys so much!

Rachel said...

What a fun little trip. I can't believe your mom had never had a pedicure before, she deserves one everyday!! So fun that you got to meet your new little niece, how adorable!! Your boys are so cute, Emerson looks so big riding on that lawn mower with your dad! And your parents yard is so beautiful!

How Sweet it is! said...

We miss you too. I am glad we got to see you while you were here.

Jessica said...

I'm glad you guys got to go up and see family! I totally agree...I miss the green too! Sounds like you had a great time. Loved the pictures!