Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This post is a little late. We have been back from Utah for well over a month. It was a good vacation overall. I usually come back to Arizona feeling ready and love being here. This time we spent some time in the canyon and it made me so homesick for this place. Provo canyon has always been one of my favorite places and I have missed it so much. We took our friends up to check it out. The boys all loved it! They threw rocks in the river, climbed on an old train and ran up and down the train tracks. The weather couldn't have been more perfect either (one of the only nice days while we were there).

The other big part of our trip was being able to see our cute little nieces Katelyn and Kassandra. It was our first time seeing baby "KK" and the boys couldn't get enough of holding her. She is such a sweet baby and is beautiful! Every time I go up to Utah Katelyn and Ezra usually don't recognize me which makes me sooo sad. I got to watch Katelyn a few days during the trip and we became friends. She played and smiled at me a ton and we loved every second of watching that sweet little girl!

Because I am a loser aunt I didn't get any pictures of Ezra:( I love that boy so much too. We got to do lots of things together and I love his fun personality to pieces!

One cool thing that happened was in Salt Lake. Me, Mike, Alyssa and my Mom decided to take the kids to the Book of Mormon exhibit in Salt Lake and then have lunch with Justin because he works downtown. We parked in front of the conference center and we were in a hurry after the exhibit. My mom asked us if we had ever been on top of the conference center, we hadn't and wanted to go. We were out of time but I just said let's just see if they will take us up real quick. After a little debating we finally just went up. The guide took us right up, we looked around for a few minutes (I could spend a long time, it is so beautiful up there)! We were walking towards the elevators when Mike stopped and looked across the small room. He started speaking Italian and ran over and started hugging a guy. We were so confused until he finally introduced me. Turns out it was an Italian guy and his wife visiting from Italy. He had been wanting to see Mike but everyone told him we were living in Arizona and it wouldn't be possible. Later that night we met up with a bunch of people and went to dinner. Mike was in heaven. They were really great and I had a good time but learned that I need to speak Italian. I was the only one that didn't speak. It was such a cool thing for him to see them!


Staci said...

I love every time you guys get to visit, it's so nice!! We really are so grateful that you watched Katelyn for most of your vacation, you were such a lifesaver and I'm glad she was able to bond more with you. These cousins are so fun together!

I never heard that story with Mike, that is so cool! Another time that Mom truly was inspired!

Kelsey M. said...

thats such a neat story with mike! i love meeting families and people from riley's mission, it's so fun to see him with them. we randomly ran into a couple from his mission at the stadium of fire, what are the odds out of that many people? they were a few rows behind us. anyway, so neat! i'm glad i got to see you for a bit too, we miss having you guys here!