Wednesday, July 18, 2012

summer fun

we decided that we would spend a couple months in utah (since we don't have a house and mike doesn't start work until august).  I signed emerson up for tball and he loved it, but is now ready for "real baseball"
 taking the kids to summerfest in orem.  they loved it.
 but not getting their pictures taken:)
 emerson decided that he needed eye black for tball because his uncle ryan wears it to baseball, he decided to put it on himself!
 we got the pass of all passes in utah so we have spent a good amount of time at trafalga. we took the boys on the bumper boats but got put in with a bunch of 10 year old kids that thought it would be fun to spray me in the face the entire time.  this was before the action happened.  i was soaked after, like dripping wet.  i had so much mascara in my eyes i couldn't even see, mike was taking video of it and laughing hysterically the entire time watching from the side!
 we got to go to lake powell with the halls.
 grandpa and emerson
 madden swimming with aunt kristin
 finding seashells on the beach
 the boys loved driving the boat with grandpa!
we had such a good time.  we stayed on a huge houseboat with a slide, had kayaks, fishing boat and speed boat.  mike did a ton of wakeboarding and we loved just relaxing under the sun!