Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our New House

We are finally getting settled into our new house.  We had only been here for 3 days before we went up to Utah for the summer.   We love this house and the area!  We can walk 7 houses down on either side of us and end up at a park.  We have an awesome clubhouse with 2 pools, fireplaces and party rooms.  There are so many other parks close by that we haven't had time to explore yet but we love it.  Needless to say, it is going to be so hard to move away from this place in 3 years!!!  Here are a few of the pictures of it...

The family room

Our bedroom
The dining room
The kitchen
The boys room
The view from the front door with the living room/office on the left

The front of the house


Brand N' Kys said...

Oh your house is so darling! I love it! Congrats. It's nice to have a house you love to come home to!

Jamie said...

Look at you, fancy pants! I LOVE it. Its gorgeous!!!

Rachel said...

What a beautiful house!!! I would never want to leave either! It has a ton of room! I'm glad you are liking it down there so much. And it looks like you guys had a killer summer up here too!! I saw your Mom, Chels, and Ryan at Costco on Tuesday I think and I was sad you weren't with them! Hopefully we will see you guys again the next time you come up!

Amy Jensen said...

Cute house Val! That is so cool, I can see why it will be so hard to leave it/

mccall said...

Val, I love it! It is beautiful. Your house is so beautifully furnished! Our house is decorated like a college dorm room. :)