Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall Break

This is how we have been spending Mike's fall far:)
We took Emerson and Madden to the McCormick Train Park in Scottsdale.  He LOVED it!  It was $2 to ride each time and it wasn't really long but he had so much fun we had to take him a few times.
Other than this cute train ride they have train museums and exhibits set up for you to walk around and see.  They have a play ground area and lots of grass to just go sit around and play.  It was a really fun place and I have a feeling we will be going back several times!
After a few days of hanging out with Mikes mom, Mike decided to tackle the big project of landscaping our backyard.  I am so glad he got the urge to do this but it has been A LOT of work.  There is no way Mike could have done this without the help of friends!  

We still have work to do back there but now we have sprinklers and grass!!!!  We are so excited to look out the window and see green, not rocks!  THANK YOU SO MUCH to our friends that came to help us but especially for DAN and JASON!  These two guys saved us and there is no way we would have been done with this (or had a clue what to do) without them!

Now we can get cleaned up and move on to part 2 of our break.....Caribbean here we come!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We are thankful for all of you!


Kelsey and Riley said...

How fun that you'll have a backyard now! Room for the boys to play :). Have a blast on your cruise, we will miss you all so much at thanksgiving dinner!

Logan said...

Yay! It looks great! I am so jealous you get to go on your cruise! You will have so much fun! I can't wait to hear all about it. We will miss ya! :) Love ya!

Dan and Linsey said...

Don't give Dan the credit. It was really me doing all the work! So when is the back yard BBQ?

How Sweet it is! said...

Have fun on your cruise, we will miss you!