Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween was lots of fun this year.  On Friday we took the boys to Midwestern to go trick or treating.  They have trick or treating around the school and a fun carnival for the kids to go to.

This is our football player Emerson, Madden our Monkey and Mike.
Emerson was having so much fun running around with his friend Easton.

Madden was so happy in his costume.  Everyone was commenting on how cute he was.  He was happy the whole time and of course, had his dimples on display!
Emerson was loving the idea of going up to someone and getting to take candy out of a bucket.  He had a pumpkin bucket and he kept saying "treat? my pump, pump!"  It was so cute.
This was Emerson playing with the ring toss at the carnival.  He got lots of stuff and by the time we left he had almost filled his entire bucket!

Halloween night was lots of fun (for Mike and I) we took Emerson out trick or treating to a few houses but he got scared and wanted to come home!  Our neighbors all get really into Halloween and decorate their entire houses!  We had TONS of trick or treaters!  I had 3 huge bags of candy and we went through all of them in less than 45 minutes!  Last year we had 1 trick or treater the whole night!

Anyway, after we did that for a little bit Mike and I left for a party.  It was lots of fun.  It was a murder mystery party and I had never done one before but it was great!  We didn't get home until about 12 am and Emerson had just gone to sleep about 10 minutes before we got home!  Madden and Emerson both struggled that night so Mike and I felt so bad for his dad and sister!  They watched the kids for us and that night was in no way fun or relaxing for them but we really appreciated their help so we could go have some fun!


How Sweet it is! said...

So cute! Sounds like your halloween was tons of fun.Those dimples on Madden, are way too cute!

Jessica said...

Your boys look adorable! I love their costumes! I am so excited to experience trick or treating with Sawyer. And I am also very grateful to your family for watching your boys so that you two could come to our party! We had a blast with you!

Kelsey said...

Cute costumes!

Rachel said...

What a fun thing to do! The boys both look so cute in their costumes! Looks like you guys had a great Halloween!!

a l y s s a said...

so cute. i love the picture of madden in his monkey costume that i am using as my background photo. its wonderful. keep the pictures comin'!