Monday, April 12, 2010

uncle ry

This is our ry with madden guy.  Madden loves ry, he always smiles at him and loves it when he is around to play with.

Emerson and Ry are best buddies.  Ry was only 8 when Emerson was born.  They lived in the same house for until Emers was 1.  Emerson thinks Ry is so funny, that he has the best toys and is so fun to play with.  Emerson now tries to do everything Ry does and always tells me Ry is funny.  If Ryan is on a nerf kick, so is emerson.  If Ry is on a lego kick, emerson wants to be too.  He is a pretty cool kid to try and be like!
Many people from Mike's mission that don't know me, think Ryan is my son.  I guess it is pictures like this on facebook that make them think that:)  We would claim him any day.  Everytime we see Ry, I always ask him if he will just come live with us forever!

Ry is so helpful with the boys, he is always so concerned about them and their safety.  He is the greatest uncle & we are lucky to have him.....everyone should have an uncle Ry!  He is the best!


Rachel said...

He is such a cool kid! But he is a CLEGG! You guys HAVE been busy. That is so neat that you were up here for the birth of Alyssa's little guy! It's to bad you guys got sick though. I am so sad for Rob and Rocio. What a heart breaking thing to go through, I can't even imagine!!! I hope you guys are all doing well!!!

a l y s s a said...

Love the pictures, love the post... love Ryan too.