Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where have I been?

This month has been CRAZY for us!  My sister Alyssa was about to have her 1st baby so on March 17th me and the boys headed up for Utah by ourselves.  The boys had been sick with fevers since the Saturday before we left so I thought for sure they would be fine by the time we got to Utah......I was very WRONG!  We were in Utah for 10 days and we were all completely sick and miserable for the first 7 days.
Don't get me wrong, we still managed to have lots of fun.  One of the things that made my trip was hanging out with my sister Chelsey.  We spent so much time together and most of it was laughing and being completely immature.  I was so sad to leave her!!!
Mike's mom came back to Arizona with us and stayed for 9 days.  We got a lot done including finishing the landscaping on the backyard.  Here is a picture of the boys riding in the firetruck together.  Madden loved every second of this!
This is me holding my first nephew Ezra Jordan!  I had to wear a mask the entire time I was there but at least I got to see him.  He is so perfect and we are so excited for our kids to finally have cousins.
Emerson at the Surprise Easter egg hunt.  He had so much fun and didn't want to leave until....
he got home and realized we got these ball chairs for him and Madden.  They love them and get one in each of their rooms.

Can I just say how much I love ARIZONA in April?!  The weather is perfect and I love eating outside on our patio and going on walks.  It is so nice!

Now for some really sad news.  Yesterday was a hard day for our family.  My brother Rob and his wife are expecting their first baby.  She had been having a lot of pain in a certain spot on her body.  She finally went to get it checked a couple days ago with her doctor.  They were really worried it could be a tubal pregnancy so they scheduled an ultrasound for yesterday.  At the ultrasound they found out that it was what they thought.  The worst part about this is that while doing the ultrasound they found out they would have had twins!  We are so heartbroken for them.  Now she has to go in for a D&C on Monday to get the babies out.  We know the Lord has a reason for everything and they will be okay:(

Sorry for all the random in this post....I guess that's what happens when you don't blog for over a month:)


Jill said...

cute pics. I'm sorry about your brother and sister in law. that is really tough. I hope everything goes well for them.

mccall said...

I am glad to hear you had a fun time in Utah! (With the exception of the sick part). And how awesome that you are an aunt!

I am so sorry to hear about Rob and (Stacie? Is that right?) That is horrible. I hope everything works out well for them and that they will eventually find peace.

We miss you guys like crazy!

Julie said...

Wow! You have been busy! That is really sad for your brother and sister in law, I hope everyone starts feeling better soon!
Also, those ball chairs are adorable!!

a l y s s a said...

I'm so glad you finally blogged again! I've missed your blogs even though I talk to you pretty much everyday. I like the pictures. Especially the one with me in the hospital... I think I was really drugged up. Lol and gotta love my red face from the anesthesia. And those ball chairs are freaking COOL!

Brand N' Kys said...

I didn't know that about Rob and his wife! I easily get all teared up when I hear of things like this. It just hits so close to home with our family and all our losses. So we can honestly say, we know how your family feels and you guys will be in our prayers!
I am happy that you got to come up and be with Lyss! And I am sad that I didn't get to see you but we will all have to get together the next time you come up. So shoot me a text. 801-318-9919
Love you guys!

Kelsey and Riley said...

so glad we got to see you! your boys are the cutest. rob & rocio are in our prayers too. ugh it breaks my heart. i'm jealous about the beautiful arizona weather too!