Friday, October 28, 2011

a cool blog to check out

Hey friends. I haven't blogged in FOREVER mostly because I have been way to busy. Today I am just doing a quick post for my cute cousin Megan. She has been given a cool opportunity to attend the Biggest Loser Ranch for the second time. She has won contests and has attended the Biggest Loser Finally and met a ton of Biggest Loser contestants.

She is on her own journey to lose weight and because she is starting to have these opportunities with the Biggest Loser she needs people to follow her blog and make comments. She has a lot of cool stories and pictures on there from her past experiences and will continue to have them.

So, if any of you are fans of Biggest Loser or just want to help support my awesome cousin please visit her blog and become a follower and or make comments. We really want to help support her in this! Her blog is

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