Monday, February 20, 2012

tough decisions

It has been a long time since I blogged. Mostly because I have had no free time the last few months. This has been the busiest and most stressful time of our lives. We have had a lot going on and have been faced with some very difficult things.

One of those things stressing us out has been a decision to do an Air Force residency year or not. We have been back and fourth so many times and never felt completely comfortable with the decisions we were making. Back in November Mike was offered a place in a residency program at Scott Air Force base in Illinois (right outside St. Louis, MO). We went back and forth but by the beginning of December we had decided to not to do it. Now we were waiting until we got our 3 year assignment.

Sometime in mid-January we were contacted by a dental director at an Air Force base in New Mexico. I kinda freaked out about it. I knew that this was a base that we could very likely go to and the fact that the director was contacting us scared me a little. This base is located by a city called Alamogordo. There is not much there. The mall consists of a JC Penny and KMART. I told Mike there was no way I could live there and he agreed. He decided to call the Air Force and see if there was still a chance of doing the residency. They said we could still do it and offered us our spot back at Scott Air Force base. We thought about it a lot and told them we would do it, hoping that after we would have a better chance of getting stationed in Italy for our 3 year payback.

A couple weeks went by and we had still not submitted our official acceptance letter. Last Monday I finally told Mike that we needed to send it in. For some reason both of us were so hesitant on sending it in. We just felt really uneasy about it. Ultimately, we prayed about it and just knew that for whatever reason we were not meant to do it. So, once again we made another phone call and told them that we were sorry but we couldn't do it. The Air Force people have been very nice about it and very understanding which I am thankful for!

Well, just a few days later we got our official orders and our 3 year payback commitment will still be at Scott Air Force base! I cannot even describe my relief when I knew we weren't going to New Mexico. I am sure Alamagordo is a great place to live but I don't think it was for me:) Illinois seems like a great place to go. There is a lot to do there and I am so excited for our new adventure!

I am convinced that everything happens for a reason and I am looking forward to finding out why things have gone the way they have. Now we get to start making plans for our big move and find a house which we are SO excited for! I can't even believe that school is almost over, graduation is in just 3 months!!!!


Julie said...

Wow! That is seriously so crazy, but I am so excited for you guys!!!

Jamie said...

Everything happens for a reason, doesn't it!? I am excited for your family and this new adventure. Can't believe you're down to 3 months! You guys are awesome!!

jon♥kara said...

I feel for you guys it seriously isn't an easy decision to make. I wasn't going for it until Jon finally decided he wants to specialize and it's required. But who knows he'll probably change his mind on me half way through his residency...I'm sure you will be happy with the three year payback and getting on with your lives quicker. If it's easy to get flights from base to base we'll have to visit!