Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fire Station Tour

Today we got to take all the kids to tour the fire station.  I was thinking that Emerson wouldn't be that into it because he is still so young but he loved it!  When we were walking to the car he kept saying "more fire truck mom!"  They all got hats and coloring books.  
Madden was so sweet the entire time.  He just looked around and didn't make a noise!
We were trying to get all the kids to line up for a picture....wasn't going to happen!

Emerson was so happy climbing in the fire truck.  He thought he was so cool.  


Kay Clegg said...

Oh my babies are so cute!!! Bust with his cute haircut and Madd's with those killer blue eyes! Thanks for the pics Val. Made my day!

a l y s s a said...

Mom told me about these wonderful pictures and they did not disappoint! Why have I been barely surviving on the tiny, few pictures I had on my phone when I could've been looking at these? My favorite nephews. :) Emerson too! ha ha I also enjoyed your other posts as well. I need to check this more often.