Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

Last night we got invited to go to the corn maze with a few friends.  Emerson had lots of fun climbing on hay bales and throwing bark all over the place.
Our little family at the pumpkin patch
This was so funny!  We thought Emerson would have fun going on a ride in one of the cows.  He didn't want to go by himself so Mike went with him.  We thought they would just go around in a little circle but they actually went through a little bit of the corn.  The cows moved up and down and the guys that went with the boys looked so uncomfortable.  I enjoyed watching Mike and Matt take the boys on it way more that watching Emerson on it! They looked like they were getting whip lashed pretty bad:)

Here is the group: the Jones, The Burns, The Harmons, The Gronemans, Us and The Mcclenaghans. In front of the corn maze.  

Emerson liked getting another pum-pum (pumpkin).  They had a haunted maze right there too so anytime a chainsaw carrying scarecrow would walk by, Emerson would get scared and run over to us.  We went to dinner after and it was a fun night.  Good company as always!  

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Rachel said...

What a fun outing! You look so pretty in the picture of all of you by the way! I think every man should have to take his kids on a little dinky kids ride. That is priceless and hilarious!!!