Thursday, February 4, 2010

boy oh boys

this week we went to the zoo with the kids.  they had a great time but something scary happened.  Emerson tripped on some dirt and landed on a rock.  He had a huge dent in his head!!!  It was the craziest thing I had seen.  I kinda freaked out a little because it looked so weird but my friend calmed me down and he was fine.  This picture doesn't do it justice but it was really deep.  Luckily after about 20 minutes it started to come back otherwise i would have really lost it!

I decided to add some pictures to remind myself why having boys is fun and not just a negative thing like my last post:)
When they play together it is so cute.  They got this tent for Christmas and both of them love being in it with all the blankets and pillows
I love watching the excitement on Emerson's face when he is doing something really fun.  We took him to Peter Piper Pizza last friday with Grandpa Hall or as Emers likes to call him "Cappa"
Who wouldn't love seeing such a happy baby with the sweetest dimples ever?
I love making them match.  I know it is cheesy but I think it is fun and I gotta do it while they will let me!
Mike would pull them in the diaper boxes all around the house.  Emerson looks upset in this picture but they were both laughing and loving it!

Even though Madden is waking up as much as a newborn lately, he is so sweet and gets so excited when he sees us.  He starts waving his arms up and down and gets a huge dimples smile on his face.  Emerson keeps us laughing everyday with all the new things he says.  

Emerson is finally getting better!  He still complains of stomach pain sometimes but other than that I think we are on our way out....of that one.  On Tuesday morning Emerson has to go in for surgery!  He has to have his circumcision "re-done" in a spot.  I hate that they have to put him under but it should be a quick procedure.  I will have more on that next week!  Wish us luck!


Rachel said...

Scary I hope Emersons head is fine! Your boys are so cute! I think it is so fun that you dress them matching. Its amazing all the toys we buy are kids yet some how they always want things like cardboard boxes and simple tents to play in. So very cute!!!

Angie said...

We have that same tent...Sariah got it for Christmas too. The pics of your boys are adorable. Good luck with the surgery.

Kelsey and Riley said...

Oh how i love your boys! madden's dimples melt my heart. and i'm so glad to hear emmers is getting better!

How Sweet it is! said...

YOur boys are just adorable! Can't wait to see you next month.