Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy birthday to Mike

Mike is always wanting to get away from the kids so for his birthday I surprised him with a trip to San Francisco.  I booked the trip back in October cause I found an amazing deal on airfare and kept the secret until his bday on Jan 24!

We left on Thursday Jan 27th.  We drove to St. George so the kids could stay there with my parents.  Friday morning we took off to Vegas and flew to San Fran.  Here are some pictures from our trip...
Mike bought us a new camera for his birthday so we had lots of fun playing with it.

Scary picture, I know!  We were on a double decker bus going over the golden gate bridge, it was soooo windy and rainy.  I am terrified of bridges and heights so it wasn't a good combination for me!  I was scared to death because our bus kept swaying.  Mike thought it was so funny and was laughing and taking pictures of me the whole time....what a guy!

This was at an NFL store.  We walk in and I notice all the kids clothing on the main floor.  As soon as I see the sign that says adult clothing I ask Mike if he wants to go upstairs.  The look on his face was so funny.  He thought it was "adult" clothing at first and was in shock that I was asking him if he wanted to go up.  I was so confused because my mind didn't get what he was thinking of at first.  As soon as I realized why he was shocked I started laughing so hard.
All out of sourdough bread.
I loved this place.  The food was so fresh and good.

Our vacation was so much fun but exhausting.  Our boys didn't miss us a single bit.  They wouldn't even talk to us on the phone.  I guess Nana, Boppa and Ry are too much fun!  We were only gone for 2 nights but it was a quick little getaway.  I can't wait until we do it again!


Linsey said...

Great pictures! You looked truly terrified, I would of had the same reaction! Glad you were able to go!

Angie said...

Sounds like you guys had so much fun! Happy belated birthday Mike.

Rachel said...

What a fun Birthday surprise! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun, minus the double decker bus.

Kelsey said...

haha thats hilarious about the adult clothing. made me laugh. how fun though that sounds amazing! san fran is the best. happy late birthday to mike!