Tuesday, February 22, 2011

these boys

These 2 little "angels" really do melt my heart and often make me feel beyond blessed......

There are, however, many days lately where I am feeling completely overwhelmed by their energy and attitudes:)  I always thought it was "terrible two's" but I am finding that it was more like "terrific two's" and "terrible three's".  I feel horrible every time I lose my patience which seems to be happening WAY more than it ever did before!  I am sure I am not the only mom who is going through this or has gone through this before but sometimes I just need to vent:)
We seem to have many days like this picture above (we all feel that way).  Emerson is mad at me and I at him.  He is throwing fits, calling me names (this is a new one) and being mean to his brother.  Madden is a sweet boy but he knows what he wants and he will fight until he gets it!  There is no changing his mind!  He knows how to destroy everything and most of the day I feel like I am following them around cleaning up the mess.  Today I need a break so they are being watched by the TV:(

At the end of any crazy day I get into bed and forget all about it.  I start telling Mike about all the funny and creative things they have done.  I remember how lucky I am to be their mom and I feel so grateful.  I wouldn't change my life in any way no matter how hard the day is.  Even though these boys can be a lot to keep up with they are so sweet.  

Seeing them happy together is the greatest thing for me.  Madden looks up to his big brother so much and wants to be just like him.  Madden loves climbing on the coffee table and jumping off to Emerson on the couch.  They laugh and laugh together.
Emerson and Madden love just staring at each other and smiling.  It is so sweet and I am glad I got to capture it on camera when they were just out of the bath.  

Now I will go back to trying to get ready for the craziness that awaits us starting this weekend.  Mike's mom is moving down to AZ on Thursday, we get to "babysit" a dog starting on Friday....yes I said a dog. at my house. and I am DEATHLY afraid of them, DEATHLY afraid! What am I thinking?! Then my brother and his wife will come down the following Thursday for a quick weekend visit.  It will be so busy but fun!


Logan said...

Your boys sure are cute. They are pretty lucky to have you as their mom. Good luck with the dog. I understand the fear they bring. Yikes.

alyssa sorenson. said...

i've been so absent from the blogging world but how did i miss this one? seeing those pictures make me miss you guys even more! and we are both so busy that we rarely talk. i'm sorry. i need to be better. and i regret not being there to see you with a dog in your house. ha ha ha i love you.